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“SamA” quit from the monk to fight

SamA Chicken Five Star Gym quit from the monk more than 1 week preparing to fight with Superbang U.Rattanabanthid muay thai camp . He admits Superbang is the younger generation who can improve himself quickly. It is hard fight but he will do his best.

The progress report on the establishment of Lumpini Thai boxing ring 57 year was held on Tuesday 21st January in Thailand . Mr.Nao set the history 12 fights which all championship fight and the return match of SamA Chicken Five Star Gym with Superbang U.Rattanabanthid. This match creates the interesting wave because their form is great and this fight is held on the right time.

For the progress of the SamA Chicken Five Star Gym who become a monk on the middle of November at Buri ram, his hometown, now he quit and travel to Bangkok for training at Petchyindee Academy Gym at the front of Lumpini Boxing ring. SamA reveals to reporters about this fight that “I ordain only 3 days because I have a mission to training for fight with Superband, a juniors boxer. I admit he is the younger generation who can improve himself quickly and hard to win him. However, I will do my best and not disappoint everyone. Although I stop to fight a longtime but I like the fight weight 122 pound very much.