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Muay Thai – Internally Acknowledged Boxing Art

Muay Thai means Boxing in which all body parts from head to foot are used to combat an opponent. It is not just a boxing art, which is known worldwide for its exceptionally unique behaviour but also the national sport of Thailand. Apart from this, Muay Thai is an Olympic Sport as well. In addition to all these qualities, you might be amazed knowing that it is a part of military training in Thailand. It has become the part of military training in Thailand since ancient time when it was evolved on the battlefield.

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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is known as the martial art of Thailand, as it was originated there during the ancient times, and it has been the prime sport there in Thailand apart from being used to beat the opponent and being used in the war. We cannot say that other martial art techniques are dumb, but Thai Boxing is a unique art allowing the fighter to become more flexible with the inclusion of eight body parts from head to foot. Whereas other martial art sports have limitation about the usage of limbs, a Muay Thai fighter can use all 8 limbs that include elbows, knees, feet, fists, etc.

During the ancient time, fights were fought using the swords, Muay Thai was found making Thailand fighters to perform uniquely. They were not only able to protect their community from the opponents but also they were able to kill their opponents without many weapons. The art had given them a way to save them from their strong enemy while finishing them. And, since then, Muay Thai has been a part of the life of Thailand’s citizens. They learn Muay Thai in camps, which are arranged at several places in Thailand. The purpose of these camps is making the people of Thailand stronger enough so that they can defend themselves against crimes. Moreover, making them ready for Olympics too, as Thai Boxing is a part of Olympics now.

Camps that are arranged by the Government and other entities in Thailand are the best and the cheapest way to learn Muay Thai for several purposes that include being a sports person in boxing, self-defence, and a will to represent country in Olympic.