“Pu” apologies instead of “Jeng”

“Mr.Pu Khukhan” Mr.Nattipong Kampong, a manager of P.Penapat comes to apologies Muay Thai fans and Pol.Lt.Col. Thedsak Nontaoanpipat and Jocho T.Pran 49 in case of boxing fan criticize a boxing skill of Superjeng P.Penapat that is inappropriate. He want all parties understand that this is a fighting game on stage but if all that is notĀ  appropriate, he ready to apologize and will not let this things happen anymore.

After Superjeng P.PenapatĀ  knockout Jocho T.Pran 49 in round 4 and was criticize by boxing fan that Superjeng take the opportunity and not have a kindness in that time while the committee, Yodying Kesornmala counting Jocho to eight and hand to Superjeng fight which is the few second. When the committee hand down, Jocho will turn back. This is the really second. “Mr.Pu Khukhan” Mr.Nattipong Kampong, a gym manager confirms that Superjeng is a good boy. He will not aggravate to his rival.

“I have uneasy feeling because many people criticize I have to apologized Muay Thai fans, Pol.Lt.Col. Thedsak Nontaoanpipat, aT.Pran 49 manager and Jocho. In fact, Superjeng is not a bad guy. He never want aggravate to his rival but this is the second opportunity and I confirms this things will not happen anymore” Mr.Pu said.

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  1. P.Penapat is the good camp , if you want learn Muay Thai .Next year i want to train with Superjeng . I want to be good fighter as same as him .

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