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“Ae” Appreciative “Sia-Nao” for Pornsanea Sitmonchai

Ae Sitmonchai understand Pornsanea Sitmonchai, his disciple. Pornsanea ‘s  forcefully practiced for compete with Seangthongnoi Thanasuranakorn in Eakprianun competition. On Friday 5 Decemberber at Lumpini. He was grateful to “Sia-Nao” for support Pornsanea.

Pornsanae has been the best of Muay Thai Siam-kela Award. His competitor was Sam-Ae Kaiyanghadao Pakorn P.K. Seanchai Muaythaigym that he got the strongest boxing of the year. Although He was recently knocked out by Superlex Wor-Sangprapai, Sea-noa Virat Vachirattanavong Still support him to fight  as the highlight  of Sukpri-Anund match on 5th December  at Lumpinee stadium. He had to fight with Sangthong noi Suranakorn , who won Yodpetch Wor-Sangprapai by knock out. Ae Sitmonchai said,” Even though Pornsanae was just defeated , He will not give up”.
Ae said, “I understand Pronsanae. He could be sad after he was defeated. I will not complain him.
I believe he  will be the winner on the 5th  December because hard boxing practice .  I  would like to thank Pe-Chen and Hear-Noa that They still support Pornsanae”.