“Sangtawan” might challenge with “Timchai” severely.

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee Kirkkrai at Lumphinee boxing stadium on this Saturday Night , there will be the teamwork of Phetlumphinee of Sia Nao Phetyindee to take responsibility of this program broadcasted on this Saturday 6th June 2015 to celebrate of Songkran Festival on channel 5 since 10.30 – 12.00 p.m. Besides, there will be the master couple boxer between Sangtawan S. Trakudthong to fight with Timchai Luakphetnoi in 130-131 pounds.
Then, for the latest preparedness of Sangtawan to practice himself at S. Takrudthong at Nakornrachasrima there will be Tawat Rianglai or the one who is faithful in Luangpho Khoon to take care of his training with much confidence. Besides, now Sangtawan has practiced himself so hard to grasp the champion instead of his junior boxer at his boxing camp on last Saturday. Thus, in this time he might fight with Timchai surely.
Therefore, Nat Phetyindee has revealed that now Sangtawan and Timchai might be the amusing couple boxer. Similarly, Sangtawan always uses his knees to fight , but Timchai has his good performance with his good experienced to fight in this game. However, it is depending on how much he has prepared himself in which way and the chance of Sangtawan to be the winner. Additionally, there might be the first couple boxer to fight in this game ; namely, Panomrunglek Surakringrai to fight with Thrabmongkol Sitkrunum in 126 pounds following by Siebsuan Commandoyim to fight with Monthian Sitmonchai in 130 pounds.

“Thongchai” has given the honor to “Sommai” to prove his performance.

Sia Mai Bangkapi is really glad that the big popular promoter or Thongchai Rattanasuban has assigned the works for him with the confidence in his performance to become the one of all great promoters in Palangmai group as nowadays.

In this hour , the president of Palangmai Group or Sommai Sakulmateta is becoming as the hottest of all to make the lists of couple boxers for totally 7 programs. Moreover, in the early of next month he might setup the big Superfight or Suek S. Sommai and Suek millionaire One Thong Chai to be watched again on this Thursday 7th May 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Similarly, Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has just setup the 2 millionaire program on last month , so on last month he has assigned work for Sia Mai Bangkapi to work in the big project fully to make the lists of couple boxers at Rachadamnern boxing stadium with the big matches continuously.

Sia Mai said that now he has talked with Thongchai already prior to work with each other ; however, now Thongchai has assigned all works for Sommai to consider by himself as well as determine the suitable weight for every boxers in all boxing camp. Besides, since now Thongchai might not disturb his works including of praising Sommai as the excellent promoter to be the big president of Palangmai group. Finally, it should thank you for promoter Thongchai to give honor to him much with his trust , so he has promised to work in the excellent way without making disappointment to him. Similarly, he might consult or gain the recommend from Thongchai by seeing his importance as the first person also.

“9 A” has confirmed to get revenge of his couple boxer.

Nin Donmueng has guaranteed for his boxer or 9A Kertchareonchai that now he has his better body condition than last year because of his good preparing to get revenge of his couple boxer. Besides, for the last match he has been knocked by kneeing until being defeated , so in this match   he shouldn’t be careless.
After Chun Kertphet has brought Nuenglanlek Chitmuengnon to fight with 9A Kertchareonchai as the second couple boxer of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday  15th March 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium on channel 7 , now it has accepted that he has accelerated to fight much until finally being knocked in the latest round to be the lose one. However, for this match he might be careless to fight with his plan after practicing continuously with his better body condition to show his performance.
Besides, Neunglanlek said that for this match he might be the winner because of his continuity to practice himself. However, in the last match it should accept for his missing to be knocked , but for this game he might not careless as the last one.

“Sia Num” is wealthy with the effort of “Top King” to be the number one.

Sia Num or Top King has confirmed for the first boxing stadium of 2015 in Semi Final and Final match in Suek Top King World Series to be setup on this February. However, although all of few matches have been successfully , it has applied a large amounts of money to setup. On the other hand, he has his brave heart not to feel desperate to further work for creating his good performance with the new coming of supporting in the future.
Sia Num or Narit Wongprasertkarn of Top King Boxing has said about how to setup Suek Top King World Series in 2014 that there will be 3 boxing stadiums setup at Min Belalus of Paris in France and Hongkong. Then, this program has been interested by Thai and foreign muay thai fans to cheer up. Besides, people have suggested several of opinions to improve for Suek Top King to be successfully although it should apply a large amounts of money to setup. In addition, now it has faced with losing much money , which is the normal way to work and running business , because now he would like to see Thai boxing to overcome the world market including to have Top King brand product to win in the world market also. Thus, if it compares to the boxer , it will be the brave boxer. Then, although he has lost much money , he might endure to fight for improving the program to be more amusing surely.
Sia Num said that he isn’t afraid of anyone of course although he has lost much money due to making much investment. However, he has satisfied with quality of work to develop the program to be better in the future with more supporters.