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Who will stop “Kwandome” in 100 pounds

Wittaya Petchseemoun is very pleased when he see and hear that the boxing master like the boxing style of Kwandome Kiatwisut, a new Rambo from Tungsong who will have an excite fight for boxing fan in “Wansongchai War” in the weight 100 pound with “Bingsong”. He has a target to be a famous boxer in the next year.
The South famous head of gym in Tungsong, Nakhon Nakhon, Wittaya Petchseemoen have many great and top boxer such as Yokwittaya Petchseemoun, Ploywittaya Petchseemeoun, Wittayalek Petchseemeon and the boxer “Paranchai” Sing, Suea, Sand and Chalam who have a top form and who comes up from Add boxer to be the top boxer in Rajadamnern is Kwandome Kiatwisut, the heir of Rambo Jr. who shows an excite form and hot fight for boxing fans and get the victory impressive the boxing master in “Wansongchai War” at Rajadamnern three times
“Now, Kwandome is a famous boxer. He fights in Wansongchai a few times but many boxing master come to see him. He show an excite fight in style of Rambo. I want everyone come to see him and will be impressed in Kwandome’s skill for sure. Recently, he wins Koby P.tepakul. He can fight with anyone in the same weight 100 pounds depend on the decision of promoter Songchai. Wittaya inform.