The hot battle of top boxer

Petchbunchu Borplabunchu, a champion nine belts that have extreme form announce boxing fans watched his fight with Pakorn P.K. Sandcahi Muay Thai Gym. He believes this fight will excite and impress boxing fans. They will fight in Petchpiya War on Tuesday 28 January in the important match by the arrangement of Mr.Tang, Piyarat Wachirattanawong.

“Khunkaorimkong” Petchbunchu Borplabunchu muay thai camp wins the top boxer of Mahasarakahm Sandchai a senior boxer of P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym very extreme. In the important match of Lumpini Champion Greggrai on 3 January by the arrangement of Mr.Nao who set the fight of Petchbunchu with Pakorn P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym. However, due to the change of fighter so this boxer will not fight and make Pakorn fight with Kongsak Bunmme. Pakorn show his form to win Kongsak Bunmme as well.

Two boxers will fight in Petchpiya War on Tuesday 28 January as an important match. Petchbunchu said “I confident Pakron will have a good and excite match. Boxing fans will not disappoint – because Pakorn will win.”

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