“Ting” be pleased for the match on 4th May

Mr.Ting Sangsawangpanpla was delighted with two hot matches in the interest of Boxing like Chorfah – Superball, Lamnampong – Bangpleenoi to fight in Sangsawangpanpla War on 4 May at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium in Thailand . He believes this match will excite because their skill and they never meet before .


The journalists were revealed from Mr.Ting Somkait Traipattanaporn, a popular promoter of Lumpini boxing stadium about the progress of Sangsawangpanpla war on 4th May that was organized interest fighter. He reveal to set Chofah T.Sangteannoi muay thai training camp , a well-know boxer from Wansongchai war to fight with Superball Teemeoungleay who recently win Eakmongkol Chicken Five Stars Gym, Lamnampong Jeantawanna fight with Bangpleenoi 99 Penang muay thai camp , Nilsiam Sangsawandpanpla fight with Komkiat T,Manotammaraksa and other great boxer.

For other details : http://muaythaiboxingshop.de/?p=240 , Mr.Ting said that he feels proud to have the opportunity to set great boxing to boxing fans “About the Chorfah – Superball, Lamnampong – Bangpleenoi is on the boxing fans’ interest. This match is considered to be a right time. I believe that the current interest spread and you can follow it” .

Muay Thai Ceremony in Ayutthaya

This weekend I have a trip up north to Phrae and Nan. The following weekend I’m also away. This time in Ayutthaya for the 10th World Wai Khru Muay Thai Ceremony. Boxers from more than 40 countries around the world will take part in a ceremony to pay respect to Muay Thai masters. There will also be demonstration matches as well as a show of Thai traditional handicraft. Read at Muay Thai Cermony .

“Mr.Ream” provoke, do not forget the name “Petchubunchu”

“Mr.Ream” Buntham Reungyavi, a big camp of Borplapetchbunchu confirm that Petchbunchu Borplabunchu, his boxer who have a revenge fight with Yodwicha P.Bunshit in Petchyindee War, a super fight to open the new boxing stadium on 28  April at Lumpini RamInTra. He said Petchbunchu is a good boy who never make a trouble to him and his staff so he want the boxing board of all institutions to consider him.

“Mr.Ream” Buntham Reungyavi, a big muay thai training camp of Borplapetchbunchu and many muay thai training course , a hot and rich boxer in this time who has the statistic 8 wins 4 loses in four years.

1. 9 April 56 lost the point to Yodwicha P.Bunsit at Lumpini,

2. 10 May 56 lost the point to Singdam Kiatmu 9 at Lumpini,

3. 12 July 56 lost the point to Kongsak Bunmee at Lumpini,

4. 8 Aug 56 win the point to Chamoungthong S.Yupin at Radchadamneon,

5.11 Oct. 56 win Singdam Kiatmu 9 at Lumpini,

6. 3 Dec 56 win the point Sandchai P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym at Lumpini,

7 7 Jan 57 win the point Pakorn P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym at Lumpini,

8. 7 February 57 win the point Sandchai P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym at Lumpini.

In the past, Petchbunchu Borplabunchu muay thai training camp , his boxer who will fight with Yodwicha P.Bunsit in Petchyindee in Superfight to open the new boxing stadium on 28 February at Lumpini RamInTra. Petchbunchu is a good boy, he is not make a trouble to him and staff so He want the boxing board of all institutions to consider him.

“I know his form is decrease in the early year but then he have his good form. He is a good boy in the gym and well-behaved both in and outside the Thai boxing stadium.So I want everyone to cheer Petchbunshu because he get all the championship but only the various honors and awards” said a big camp of Borplabunchu.

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