Muay Thai: What You Need to Know About This Health Sport from Thailand

Maybe you have heard about the amazing sport, known as Muay Thai and you are now curious. The next step is contemplating on whether to start training or continue enjoying the game as a spectator. It is a martial art and a close-combat game. You have to use your entire body as a weapon. If you want to learn the sport, then plan a vacation and travel to its country of origin, Thailand. While you are on the plane, prepare yourself psychologically because a new experience awaits you in Thai.

What to Expect In the Training Facility

Fortunately, when you reach Thai, you will find many facilities that teach Muay sport. It is the country of origin so you will find competent trainers. The sport is similar to other martial sports, and therefore, the instructor will exude confidence and patience as they explain the Muay basics. At first, you will have a hard time conceptualizing the Muay traditions. Furthermore, the exercises will be painful ordeal for you but your body will adjust with time.


Things You Need to Know When You Get to the Camp

You do not need to be in good shape in order to start training Muay. Come as you are and you will get in shape as you continue practicing. The press-ups and the jump rope will help you become more flexible and agile. Muay sport puts emphasis on technique. Therefore, persevere the drills and warm up exercises and you will learn with time.

Secondly, the sport will be terrible at first. You will feel like quitting during the initial sessions. Learning how to use your body in a rule based sport, for instance, Muay is challenging. You will regret coming to a foreign country to learn Muay. However, the travel sacrifice will pay off eventually. When you keep working at it, you will eventually become a pro.

Thirdly, do not feel intimidated by other students. Learn at your own pace. When you learn Muay, you get numerous health benefits and, therefore, you should not be under pressure to be perfect. It is okay if you stick to the basics and learn the Muay concept first. Once you perfect the basics, you will master the complex moves effortlessly.

Fourthly, be prepared to get bumps and bruises. If you take your entire family for a vacation, be prepared to forgo all the sightseeing and remain focused. Your shins will get some serious bruising before they become tough. Ensure you rub your shins with Thai oil before you start your session. The oil will mitigate the suffering process. At the end of the session, you might be too sore to enjoy any sightseeing but you will have numerous benefits when you learn this sport.

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