Muay Thai and its benefits

Thailand is a tourist destination and millions of people pour into the country each year. It has loads to offer to all age groups making it a favourite spot for everyone. Thailand is not only famous for the beautiful sun kissed white sand beaches and the magnificent crystal clear blue waters; it is famous for many other things like the sports and adventure activities it hosts. The night life in Bangkok and other cities is the best in the world and many youngsters come to experience it in person. The country is also famous for the sport is originated centuries ago i.e. Muay Thai.
It is a combat martial arts form which uses the art of eight limbs to defeat the opponent. It is an aggressive sport and uses the hands, the feet, the elbows and the knees to attack and counter attack the opponent. It is become popular in the recent past and is now become an international sport. It has a huge fan following and many people aspire to take it up as a career as well. This sport needs a lot of dedication and discipline to make a great player. It makes the mind and body strong to face the opponent. The attack can happen at any time from any direction and therefore it is necessary to be alert at all times.
The sport is also a great way to stay healthy and fit. This is also one of the reasons that many women are getting attracted to the sport. It is the most popular sport in Thailand and Thai people never miss out on any match. There are many training camps across the globe that offers state of the art facilities to its aspirants. However the best ones are in Thailand as they offer the right ambience to learn the sport.

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