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“Sangtawan” might challenge with “Timchai” severely.

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee Kirkkrai at Lumphinee boxing stadium on this Saturday Night , there will be the teamwork of Phetlumphinee of Sia Nao Phetyindee to take responsibility of this program broadcasted on this Saturday 6th June 2015 to celebrate of Songkran Festival on channel 5 since 10.30 – 12.00 p.m. Besides, there will be the master couple boxer between Sangtawan S. Trakudthong to fight with Timchai Luakphetnoi in 130-131 pounds.
Then, for the latest preparedness of Sangtawan to practice himself at S. Takrudthong at Nakornrachasrima there will be Tawat Rianglai or the one who is faithful in Luangpho Khoon to take care of his training with much confidence. Besides, now Sangtawan has practiced himself so hard to grasp the champion instead of his junior boxer at his boxing camp on last Saturday. Thus, in this time he might fight with Timchai surely.
Therefore, Nat Phetyindee has revealed that now Sangtawan and Timchai might be the amusing couple boxer. Similarly, Sangtawan always uses his knees to fight , but Timchai has his good performance with his good experienced to fight in this game. However, it is depending on how much he has prepared himself in which way and the chance of Sangtawan to be the winner. Additionally, there might be the first couple boxer to fight in this game ; namely, Panomrunglek Surakringrai to fight with Thrabmongkol Sitkrunum in 126 pounds following by Siebsuan Commandoyim to fight with Monthian Sitmonchai in 130 pounds.