Do not look down “Aranchai” have a good skill

Den Danai Eakwit guarantee the training of Arancahi Kiatitipantarapan is ready to fight Panomrung Kiati Mu 9 in Tournament Muay Thai on Sunday 10August . Panomrung loss the weight 2 pounds for the rival. Although his skill and reputation is vice but he do his best and never give up.

Tounrmanet Muay Thai on Sunday 10 August will hold on temporary boxing stadium of The 11th Infantry Regiment for the safety of the king at Banakhen to give the happiness for people. NCPO held this fight with CP. The open match of Meji tournament boxing is Petchtae Petchyindee Academy with Chocknamchai Jakung in the weight 120 pounds and Petchpanomrung Kiatti Mu 9 fight with Aranchai Kiattipattarapan Muay Thai training camp that Panomrung loss the weight 2 pounds for 131 to 133 pounds.

Den Danai Eakwit, head of Kiattipattarapan control the training of his boxer in Ubon Ratchathani and said to Muay Siam reporter that this fight Aranchai was training very good. Although his skill and reputation is vice but he do his best and never give up. He has the confident and will not disappear. “He was training fully 100 percent and take care his body very good” Den Danai is confirmed.

BattleRock brings first sanctioned Muay Thai bout to Rockaway     , Read more at Nydailynews  .

Muay Thai comes to Rockaway on Saturday night when the first ever Battle Rock takes over Beach Channel High School.

The bout is being organized by local trainers Chris and Sarah Romulo who operate the CROM Martial Training Fitness Center on Rockaway Beach Blvd.

“We can definitely guarantee it will be the most exciting sports event that has ever happened in Rockaway,” said Chris Romulo, a champion Muay Thai fighter with his own following. “If someone has never been to a live fighting even, this is it.”

The couple had built a loyal clientele when Hurricane Sandy hit, wiping out their gym.

They continued to train students anywhere they could find space until they built a new gym on the ground floor of the building that houses local newspaper, The Wave.



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