Fighter Kid is hot

Boat Nattadet pleased with the new boxer group, King Fighter Kid who fight at At Rangsit Muay Thai  stadium in Muay Thai over the past 3 line. Each boxer shows his best forms fully. And Sunday, July 6, is the fight of line D three matches.

Tournament boxing King Fighter Kid in the weight 39 kg is the big plans of Boat Nattadet Wachirattanawong who lead the young boxers to fight in 4 lines for 4 peoples with the substitutes of each line two peoples. The fight of three lines divided as A, B and C were finish that each person show their form fully. Many boxers have a chance to be the hope. Boat said that he was pleased to have a chance for create a new kid boxer, Wised group who will be the top boxer in the future. “We are proud and happy because feedback from Muay Thai fans is very good. Everyone fight with their full power and have a good future. For Sunday, 6 July, we are invited you to watch three matched in line D and we will see their form, who will be the hope. The winner will come to the next round and the loser will have a chance in last two fights.

For Sunday,August 9th , line D for 4 matches will broadcast is the fight of Supernew Nondaeng Gym with Meoungponlek (the new boxer) Sidkruood, Moddeang S.surapat with Kunsuek Sidwadsrakeaw and Suenoi S.bangkru with Moradok Sidchengrung.

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