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Warn “Petchmanee” if he has a bad form, he will stop to fight a long time

A lieutenant, Ran Sarakam warn Petchmanee Dabran Sarakam not have a bad form and poor fight in the battle with Bandonlek W.Petchpul  muay thai camp in the second round of Praianan War on 26 November at Lumpini boxing ring. Because of he loses the point in the latest fight with Yodpetch W.Sangprapai. He hesitates to fight and not risk punching. If he still hesitates and has a bad form, he has a chance to stop boxing a long time.

“I have to apologized boxing fans because Petchmanee have a bad form in the latest fight and hesitate to fight so he loses the point for Yodwicha W.Sangprapai muay thai camp¬†like the joke. I warn him to not disappoint me and do the best form. If he still has a bad form and not impression, he has a chance to stop boxing a long time because he makes the gym lose the reputation. We want to recover the faith and I believe he can do it.” A lieutenant, Ran reveals.

For the Praianan War, Chan Meoungchon set the battle: the important fight is Sandsatan S.suradet fight with Aranchai Kiattipadpan, the second fight is ET PTT Tongtawee fight with Kongbury W.sanprapai, Sumae A.weerawan fight with Yodkaikeaw Fairtax, Petchprab Chicken Five Star Gym fight with Yodwicha S.suradet, Petchake A.yudtatha fight with Rakchai T.tathachai camp , Sandkom Puideenaidee fight with Trangnoi S.samchai and many top boxers.