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Aomnoi pay the wage

Mr.Tui Sangmorakot, a great promotor of Jao Muay Thai of Aomnoi Thai boxing ring held the big program to welcome a new era on Saturday, March. 8 at Aomnoi. He sends the top boxers from Thailand who fight in million baht match for tournament boxing. Boxing fans will see the full- interest fight like every game in the past.

Mr.Tui Sangmorakot, a great promoter of Jao Muay Thai of Muay Siam Aomnoi Thai boxing reveal to reporter that Jao Muay Thai to welcomed a new era on Saturday 8th March at Aomnoi in Thailand, Channel 3 will broadcast the live on 12.15. He and Sangmorakot staff send the top boxer to fight as a New Year gift to Jao Muay Thai fan. The open match is Denshengkwan Lamthong camp fight with Denthaksin Prakaifah muay thai camp , Fuktean tournament Thai boxing group 9th in the semi-final round is Daotrang Sakniranrat fight with Poneak U.Puwana Naipon Khon Khen. The important match of Isuzu 24th is Yodpayak Gaoglai muay thai gym fight with Anaradet Petchsupapan muay thai training camp and the close match of the live is Petchassawin Seetran Ferrary who loss in last match fights with Detrit Pobteeratam.

“I believe that this 4 pairs was sending to live broadcast by channel 3 for Jao Muay Thai boxing fans on 8th March will not disappoint. In the past, I talked to the management of the stage get the permission about the reward. He want boxing fans see the good muay thai again which welcome the new era of my work and Sangmorakot staff too” Mr.Tui said.